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The Team

Guilherme Croce

Performance Marketer

Guilherme is the guy that will dive head-first into tons of data and extract things you didn't even know about your business.

Rasmus Gutfelt

Founder & Strategist

Starting back in 2017, Rasmus has been working with 100's of Ecommerce brands and know every in and out there is.


Team Members


Years of Experience


Client Success

Lots Of

Cups of Coffee





What we've experienced with Minix is unlike any other agencies. Results spot on and communication likewise.


I don't know what to say other than, he's the best. Ever since we started working together, I've seen a lot of improvement with everything.


Rasmus and his team has managed to increase our revenue by 800% while consistently bringing in a ROAS above 6x. No need to say more.


Sharing a common vision on performance has been critical for us. Always a good experience working with knowledgable people.


The team at Minix has been one of the core factors for our success when we had to scale to 3 new markets.


I wanted to never work with another agency until i found Rasmus. Now he's probably the only guy i will ever work with.


Client Success Wall

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Do you offer a free trial?

We don't offer any free trials. If you qualify for our Incubator Program, we can offer your a pure performance deal, where we don't get paid unless we generate results. Our pricing models are bespoke to the needs of each client, so you will only get an offer that makes sense and fits your business.

You have a long minimum term... Right?

We do not. All of our clients are on a 1 month minimum and from there it's a simple 30 days notice if you want to resign. You shouldn't be stuck with an agency that doesn't deliver.

Is your team in-house or freelancers?

Our entire team is full-time on company payroll. We have daily internal calls to go over results and make sure you and your bank account are happy. If you need help that's outside our expertise, we will refer you to our vast network of skilled people in the industry.

I'm worried that i'm gonna be forgotten

A very valid concern to have. If we're so good, why shouldn't we just bring every brand on-board?
Reputation. Getting bad results for a lot of clients isn't good business, so we need the quality of our work to be high. You will get weekly or bi-weekly calls with us as well, so everyone is always up to speed on what's going on.

What clients do you get success with?

Our main clientele is ecommerce brands doing $30,000+ in revene per month, regardless of niche. We work better when data is coming through steadily, and clients that are doing above $30k per month stays with us longer than a year on average (average still going up). If you're not generating that amount of revenue, we have other services we can provide you, so don't hesitate to book in a call. Worst case, you get some valuable insights or we refer you to someone that's a better fit.

What are we gonna talk about on the call?

The call serves the purpose of getting to know eachother and we can get the most essential metrics of the business, to evaluate if you fit the clientele we work and get success with. If you do and we have good chemistry, we do a full audit of your business and show you our findings on a second call.